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This can be due to multiple reasons, just make sure that Elive is correctly installed, I can also suggest to use the automated partitioning mode, which will remove all your disk contents but should take the best choices for your system.

If you still cannot boot your computer then you may have a very bad BIOS, I have seen this before and it is the reason that there was added (since the version 2.4.6) a special option in the booting of the live-mode of Elive which allows you to boot from your hard disks (from the Advanced menu of the first Boot on Live mode)

Notes about my specific experience: In my personal case seems like the bios thinks that the main disk is the secondary disk, but there’s no secondary disk at all and so the bios (the computer itself) is simply unable to start booting the disk, so using those options I just need to select “boot from my secondary disk” and it is able to boot correctly, it is of course not the best way to do it but at least this computer is able to work, suspension instead of shutdown can help too. In any case I’m 90% convinced that if he reset the bios (loading default settings didn’t worked) could make the bios read again the correct identifiers of the disks and work back, but to open the entire computer and search for the switch requires time, maybe upgrading the bios can help too, if there’s any update at all.

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You can found this message trying to boot from a recent computer, if is your case you should try to append the boot parameter mem=1952M or other values to the boot parameters

This parameters tells the kernel how much memory your computer has, sometimes the BIOS don’t give the correct information and so you need to assign it.

Note that this option doesn’t always works magically and you need to play with different values, like 1024M (even if you have 4G), 512M, 2G, etc…

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If you are a defender of the free software but you think that Elive is not free, you must know better what are you defending, you can start from here. Free software has no relation with gratis, please read this explanation from You need to know also that due to this confusion of terms, the word free software has changed to open source software in 1998. In short, free has no relation with cost, at all.

The payment is required to pay the development of Elive, the involved 14-hours per day of work from Developer ‘Thanatermesis’, to pay some extra development (whenever is possible to) and of course also all the hosting and related services. Think that more amount of money is made and the more better Elive can be. Unfortunately the reality shows that the amount received is not even enough for living, its not worth at all of the work, and Elive still exist since more than 10 years ago.

But anyways, if you are not happy with this, why you simply worry about? nobody forces you to use Elive, so if you think that the (small) payment is not worth, why just don’t skip and search a more worth distro? Ok, ok… maybe you -really- want to use Elive but still really not want to pay for it, but think on this very simple thing: If was not because of the payment, the development of Elive would have been stopped since 2006, where was decided to search a real job for living or trying to live from Elive, so at least you have the option, instad of not having it at all.

Final note: if you want to live in a non-capitalist world where is not needed to pay taxes or to pay for software, make a look to the venus project, it proposes a concept similar to the open source applied to the society, a civilization without monetary system, I would really like to live on this world and make Elive entirely for pleasure without request money, and happier to know that on this way more people would enjoy using it… unfortunately, I open the eyes and Im stuck in a capitalism system, but seriously: If you really don’t understand the need of the payment, then I must say… “don’t use Elive!”, basically because nobody obliges you to use it and because you don’t like it as the way it exist, so why to lost time complaining? if you really think that Elive is not worth of the minimal requirement, why just don’t ignore it? I don’t want to monopolize the world with Elive, I do not care at all if you use it or not, so just use anything that you want, you have thousands of alternatives, you have the choice.

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