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Translations in Elive are managed from the eltrans application, but you need to have an account in the collaborators website so just go up and register your account! 🙂


We are trying to create a website where we can organize better the tasks, schedules, and milestones, if you want to collaborate with Elive you can do it from this website, we check the registered profiles with a minimal recruitment process and then we can assign tasks to the collaborators which have their specific skills.
Important: We need descriptive information to assign you correctly to a specific groups. If your information is incomplete your account will be not activated or it will be deleted.

Actually, we may need some help in:

  • C coders for hack in the EFL / E17 api
  • PHP coders
  • project managers / organizers / recruiting team
And also welcome for future needs:
  • proofreaders & translators
  • quality verifiers
  • betatesters
  • user-experience improvements
  • designers!
  • programmers (any language)
  • ruby (on rails) programmers, for improve that website (redmine)
If you are familiarized with C, see what amazing things you can do !